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The YMCA of Corry took shape in 1899.  The Y utilized various facilities around Corry to meet and run programs including the armory. In 1956, a number of key stakeholders got together and decided to build the current facility.


The facility remained the same until 1970 when the gymnasium was added to the rear of the building. Through the 1980’s and 90’s, much discussion was held with the Corry Area School District on the possibility of building a larger pool (25yds) and add a diving well. The original pool, believe it or not is now currently the fitness center. In the mid 90’s, it looked like the School Districts’ building of a new pool was not going to happen. The YMCA Board of Directors, with an amazing number of key stakeholders decided to build the pool at the Y. In 2001, the new pool was opened, the old one was filled in and became the fitness center.


In 2004, the YMCA along with consultation from YUSA, went through the strategic planning process. From that plan, it was decided to renovate the fitness center, and move the Men’s Locker Room next to the fitness center, and move the Women’s locker room from downstairs up into the vacated men’s locker room. The lobby was also renovated at this time. This project was made possible through many private donations along with support from the Arlene Smith Foundation and the Corry Community Foundations.


Daycare was added in late 2005, and continued to expand with a gift from the Erie Community Foundation in 2009 with the construction of the T-1 room in the lobby. The chapel/conference room was also converted to infant care in 2010.


In the fall of 2013, the YMCA of Corry was approved as a host for the Pennsylvania Pre-K counts program. This program allows us to serve underprivileged youth and families in our community through grant funding. 


The use of the Rex Building began in fall of 2013 with the addition of spin class. The Rex Building is now used to host spin, Silver Sneakers, and Yoga. Additionally in 2013, the YMCA began offering the 7th grade initiative which provides a complimentary membership to all in that grade. This initiative continues annually and is supported by a private donor. 


The YMCA of Corry has played a huge role in developing youth, strengthening relationships, and building community in the city of Corry. As we move forward into the future it is our intention to continue serving those in need and providing positive experiences for ALL.